Team Car.los is a unique mix of Industry veterans and passionate young people, all with massive skills and knowledge in their field. For years we have worked and been the backbone of many different companies and brands in the electric mobility field. 

We own this company and thus feel accountable for our vehicles and your wellbeing.

We operate vertically integrated, efficient and to the goal of “do it right the first time”

To us Car.los is more than another brand and vehicle, it is a way of approaching and embracing life, first and foremost the way we all move together and in our community.

When you surf our website, you will see smart, sustainable solutions and vehicles. Products that make the best use of energy and resources, products that will make you smile a lot.

So go the Car.los way with us…

Auf die Plätze, fertig, Car.los! (German for „ready, steady,GO!

ride with us